Videos of my dog Binky

What an adorable dog

My dog Binky is seven years old now. He eats string cheese and prime rib. Here is a video of him being excited in our living room. He goes to the groomer regularly. Everyone says how he is the most adorable dog. He is a Maltese-Poodle. My mom and dad take him to the beach regularly in New Smyrna. My mom takes him for walks and he knows his way around the neighborhood. He is a potent anti-depressant, you can’t help but be happy around him.

Hi Binky

In these videos he is wearing his shirt.

Binky excited

Nighttime eating syndrome

For the past few years I have been getting up in the middle of the night and binge eating. The habit has cost me in gaining a huge amount of weight. I would eat everything even remotely appetizing in the house.

It used to irk my parents before I moved in to my new apartment. My mom presented me with research showing melatonin could be used as a treatment and gave me a bottle. I tried it for the first time last night. I woke up in the middle of the night still but I only ate a relatively small amount of food in comparison to the ravaging hunger I usually have to satiate. It has the added benefit of helping me fall asleep. I use the 10mg which is a large dose.

WordPress makes creating a website easy

There are a plethora of Content Management Systems to deliver your information to web surfers. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most ubiquitous three.

I have tried creating websites using Drupal and Joomla with no success. My mom told me to “keep it simple” at the time and suggested I stick with WordPress. It comes with plugins for almost any task and has instructions for its use and nuances throughout the internet. For example I wanted to have the header for my website show up a certain way and it was easy enough to copy paste code from the internet to accomplish the task. WordPress comes with free themes available as well as a market for commercial themes. The paid themes usually come as turn key add your own posts, media and pages then you are ready to go.

The CMS’ and themes come compatible with computers as well as mobile. Mine shows up well on a smartphone or tablet. Over half of internet traffic comes from smartphones and the figure doesn’t even count tablets.

I have put forth a brief review and instructions on the best website hosting services and applications. As I write in the article it is easy to set up an only slightly technical approach to hosting your Content Management Platform.

Pinterest, Imgur

Pinterest gives out quality image links if you join their platform and post images you use on your website or blog. They get a link from Google every time you post there. Their gain is from the economy they have going with Google.

Some image sites such as Imgur will actually take possession of your image and won’t allow you to gain from it, even if it is clearly a personal picture. They also won’t link you from your image, it is only allowed to post links in the comments section. Those are low quality links. I am avoiding Imgur in the future.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to measure stats for my blog. It is just starting and hasn’t appeared in search results yet so the numbers are fairly low. It is pretty easy for someone new to use it and gain insights about their website though. There is even a “real time” function where you can see who is on your website at the moment. Another advantage is you can see where your visitors are coming from geographically. It also shows you how your visitors are being forwarded to your website, be in organic search, referral, social or direct.

Organic search comes from a search engine such as Google or Bing. Referral is from another website putting up a link. Social is from Facebook, Twitter, or another social media site. Direct is when someone puts your website’s URL directly into their web browser.

I used to be able to see

I had 20/20 vision for most of my life. I never had any problems with the test for Visual Acuity.

I don’t have the exact date when my vision started deteriorating but now I have two sets of glasses. I still can barely see. When they show you two slides and say “which is better?” neither one is. I can’t tell the difference between the two during the tests.

Perhaps in the future my vision will return. I have thought about using contacts but I have trouble putting them in. If I wore contacts I would get the Halloween type where they make your eyes appear slightly outrageous.

Animals spawn and vanish as in Ultima Online

I live near a retention pond. I always see my neighbors fishing. They must be catching fish to keep searching. How could fish possibly be living in the pond? It is not attached to any body of water. How long have generations of fish lived there?

There used to be an alligator that has vanished.

A snake fell out of a tree in front of my mom recently.

Rodents such as rabbits and squirrels appear around the neighborhood. I believe in the rabbits and snakes but it is the fish and alligator who puzzle me.

I rode a motorcycle

In 2015 I bought a Harley Davidson XL1200C. I lived in Eustis, FL at the time and I thought I would show off.

I used to ride it as my primary transportation before I started having intense anxiety and could no longer safely ride. I am still battling mental illness but I hope to get another motorcycle when I am healthy.

Now they don’t even sell the bike. What a shame, it had a great cost to enjoyment ratio.

Motorcycle XL1200C
My old motorcycle