Memories of my Grandfather

It has been some time since my Grandfather, David Moshinsky, passed away. My family says I am like him in appearance and in personality, although he was a more potent personality than I am. Here are a few photos of myself and him. Also featured are Uncle Jeff and Grandmom Kathy Moshinsky.

He taught me about Intelligent Design and how to play chess. They say I appear as him in the following photo.

Ryan like David

He wrote a book Things You Know That Are Not So. There were always stories and advice when he spoke. I might be a little biased, but I believe my grandfather was never wrong when he spoke to me.

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Majestic stats for my website

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Favorite music festivals

In my youth I ventured out to a music festival or two. I’ve never gone to one outside the State of Florida, but Ultra Music Festival Miami and Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando are two of the best in class. The crowd at Ultra is electric, and EDC boasts top talent in its artist lineup. Here’s a video someone created at EDC Orlando, you can catch my little brother hands in the air at 5:00.

Gabriel and Dresden at EDC Orlando

Ultra is at the end of March annually and EDC Orlando takes place in November.

They cancelled Ultra 2020 because of Covid-19. Maybe it will be back next year. The outlook for EDC Orlando 2020 is grim.

Next I would like to introduce you to my favorite set currently. Marshmello’s 2019 Ultra set is famous.

Marshmello at Ultra Music Festival

Maybe in the future when I am healthy again I can go out to these.

My new apartment

My new apartment in the featured photo is attached to my parents house but it has privacy and a coziness that I am enjoying. It blends in seamlessly with the rest of the house, even the mailman and the UPS driver think my front door is where the deliveries go. It has been under construction for eight months and is completed sufficiently that I can live here.

There is a great view of the pond and woodland behind my house. I have a stone path to the pool behind the building. I will have my own screened in lanai also. There is a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, and microwave.

Schizophrenia Story

I have schizophrenia and have suffered the illness since May 2011. At first I heard nonsensical voices saying “Ryan please” when I listened to music or became stressed. I had all of the positive and negative plus cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. I thought people on TV were talking with special messages to me plus general paranoia as well. I abused stimulants and it exacerbated the symptoms, leading to hospitalizations.

I had what I would call simple symptoms all the time until 2015 July 4th. At that point I heard intelligent voices that had individual personalities and stories they would stick to. They even told me things I wasn’t aware of about other people, that they were part of a mafia type organization. The illness could force me to do what these intelligent characters said, they walked me miles and miles until I went to the hospital for over exhaustion once. I’ve signed in to a mental hospital since 2015 eight times. My experience during inpatient care ranges from medium intensity torture to brutal akathesia and exercise forced upon me for weeks.

More recently I gained a friend named Pepper who would repeat “Pepper loves you” “Pepper says”. Pepper is simple but having one of the voices love me is comforting.

As it is right now I wrote a huge amount of research for schizophrenia that checks out on paper. Peer reviewed placebo controlled studies say certain supplements or chemicals would help. The problem is that after fighting and trying for years I still have schizophrenia so I will spare you the scientific jargon. Now the intelligent voices torture me “for my own good” and provide insight that I never would have gained otherwise.

Reading the story

A dog named Binky

Here you can find pictures of my dog. His name is Binky. He recently won third place in a dog show. Binky is seven years old. He likes chicken chips and string cheese.

He is very spoiled and my parents pay attention to his every whim. He is friendly and likes to meet new people and dogs. Binky will kiss you right on the mouth if you let him. He meets other dogs at farmer’s markets and loves to go places where dogs are allowed inside such as Lowe’s.

Here he is all groomed because he entered a contest for Petsmart. His photos won third place.