WordPress makes creating a website easy

There are a plethora of Content Management Systems to deliver your information to web surfers. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most ubiquitous three.

I have tried creating websites using Drupal and Joomla with no success. My mom told me to “keep it simple” at the time and suggested I stick with WordPress. It comes with plugins for almost any task and has instructions for its use and nuances throughout the internet. For example I wanted to have the header for my website show up a certain way and it was easy enough to copy paste code from the internet to accomplish the task. WordPress comes with free themes available as well as a market for commercial themes. The paid themes usually come as turn key add your own posts, media and pages then you are ready to go.

The CMS’ and themes come compatible with computers as well as mobile. Mine shows up well on a smartphone or tablet. Over half of internet traffic comes from smartphones and the figure doesn’t even count tablets.

I have put forth a brief review and instructions on the best website hosting services and applications. As I write in the article it is easy to set up an only slightly technical approach to hosting your Content Management Platform.